Guide to the best Gaming PC under $1200 [2023]

This guide will show you how to build a very powerful gaming PC for around 1,000 dollar. The configuration below is perfect for Full HD gaming, but it may also work well in WQHD, and it doesn’t shy away from pretty ray tracing effects. The PC is easy to upgrade should graphics cards not keep up with them.

The PC is suitable for gamers who:

  • Want to play smoothly in Full HD.
  • Inexpensive components.
  • Ray tracing effects are something that I would like to use.
  • They want fancy lighting.
  • Like to assemble the PC by themselves.

An overview of the 1000 dollar PC is required to meet all requirements.

Again, the focus is on the best possible gaming performance. All current games should run well on the PC. It is possible with certain limitations. ray tracing effects can be used thanks to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 For the next few years, you won’t have to worry about an upgrade with the 1000 dollar PC.
The gaming PC for 1000 dollar has enough computing power for amateur image and video editing. The processor comes from Intel’s powerful Core series and has an excellent price/performance ratio.
You don’t necessarily have to adopt the system 1 to 1 at this point. Individual components can be replaced if requested. You should make sure that the processor and graphics card are compatible with the mainboard used. Detailed instructions are available for anyone who has never assembled a PC by hand. It’s not that difficult to panic assemble.

The processor

For a long time, they dominated the mid-range segment. The current performance winner is Intel. Six cores and twelve threads are what the Intel Core i5 12400F has. There is a clock Frequency of 2.5 GHz. The boxed version has a cooler in it. It may not be the quietest of its kind, but the cooling capacity is sufficient. The processor has an excellent performance away from gaming. The name indicates that the processor does not have an integrated graphics unit. That’s not a problem since we’re still using a dedicated graphics card.
You can use a Ryzen 5 5600X if you prefer an AMD system (note that this guide does not follow to build pc with Ryzen 5 5600X). It has the same performance as its Intel counterpart and comes with a cooler. In a direct comparison, the Intel counterpart is slightly ahead.

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The graphics card

The graphics card has become more complicated in recent months. Delivery bottlenecks, poor availability and high prices limited the selection. The situation has improved a bit. There are some restrictions.
We currently recommend a graphics card from the company. Even the most demanding titles can be seen in WQHD with enough power. It can be used occasionally for 4K gaming, if you’re willing to make compromises when it comes to image quality. You should be well positioned with the 12-gigabyte video memory.
One is slightly weaker on average and the other slightly stronger than a GeForce RTX 3060, but both are difficult to get. In the end, there is no way around it. It is at least for now.

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The mainboard

We chose the GIGABYTE B660 GAMING XDDR4 for the mainboard. It is based on the Intel B660. Four DDR4 DIMM slots for up to 128 gigabytes of memory, a 2.5 Gigabit LAN interface, four SATA3 ports, two M.2 ports and a range of usb interface usually leave nothing to be desired.
One of the mainboards mentioned above is not compatible with the one you choose if you decide to use the AMD CPU. We recommend the B550 A PRO because it has four DDR4 slots for up to 128 gigabytes of RAM, covers all necessary connections and is in a similar price range.

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The memory

We will limit ourselves to 16 gigabytes of RAM because the mainboard supports more RAM. The amount is enough for a game. It can easily be upgraded if things get tight in the future. There are still two empty slots on the main board.
The G.Skill DIMM 16 GBDDR4 3600 kit contains two 8 gigabyteDDR4 memory modules. The modules are programmed for latencies of 18 22 22 42 at 3600 MHz and are among the price/performance winners in this category.

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The hard disk drive

To prevent long charging times, a fast SSD must be installed. That’s why the ADATA XPG Gammix S11 Pro is perfect. All your favorite games are available in just a few seconds with rapid read and write speeds of up to 3,500 and 3,000 MB/s. You can rely on low temperatures and high performance with a large heatsink. 3D flash, SLC caching, a DRAM cache buffer, and end to end data protection complete the package.

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The power supply

The necessary power for our system is provided by a be quiet. So be quiet! Pure Power is a 600 watt power supply. The power supply has two powerful 12VDC lines and is able to meet the 80 PLUS Gold efficiency. The Active Clamp + SR technology improves efficiency and line stability. During operation, the fan is very quiet.

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The case

There are many criteria for a perfect housing. All components must find their place if it’s large. Good hardware cooling performance is important. It must be able to deal with fan noises. It should also look pretty. A stylish case can be placed directly on the desk and serve as an eye catcher.

All of these points are combined by the SHARKOON RGB LIT 100 or similar. The case has space for a graphics card of up to 35 centimeters. Two fans, one at the front and one at the back, are pre-installed and always ensure good air exchange.
There is a transparent side panel and a reflective glass front panel. The case has a real eye catcher in it.

The total price of the PC is over a thousand dollars. At the moment, everything is standing or falling with the graphics card. Prices can change quickly if the market is bad. Assembling an inexpensive yet powerful gaming PC is not easy at the moment.

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Do you need a keyboard and mouse?

Some inexpensive equipment that is perfect for the PC has been put together.

Suitable peripherals for this PC.

1. Keyboard.

The Sharkoon SKILLER MECH is a mechanical keyboard. It offers a wide range of lighting modes. You have the option of choosing between red, blue and brown switches. Each switch technology has its own typing experience and benefits.

2. Mouse.

The DeathAdder V2 is a mouse. The sensor has a switchable resolution of 20,000dpi. The DeathAdder has sold over 10 million copies and has been acclaimed by the trade press and recognized with awards. It’s perfect for use with the palm of your hand and with your fingertips.
Due to its design, the mouse is only suitable for right handed people.

3. The mousepad

The right mousepad for the mouse is the SteelSeries. It is made from flexible fabric. The SteelSeries Engine can be used to adjust and synchronized the 2 zone lighting.
The price is 39.99 euros.

4. The headset has a microphone.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGH3 is a winner in the headset sector. It has an excellent sound and is very comfortable to wear. There are no pressure points even during long gaming sessions thanks to the padded earcups. The perfect sound is a few steps away thanks to the included Sharkoon sound card. Select one of eight pre-installed equalizer preset and your custom mix is ready.

5. Monitor.

The GIGABYTE G27QC A is perfect to use. It has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 and a frame rate of 165 Hertz. It’s ideal for games such as Counter Strike or League of Legend. The CVI P3 color space is covered by 88 percent and the sRGB color space is covered by 132 percent. It is very suitable for amateur image and video editing.