What are the components that you need for a gaming PC?


Before you can build a gaming PC, you need to know what the components are. What are you looking for in a gaming PC?

In this guide, we’ll show you which components you need to build a gaming PC, how parts are important and what else you need to pay attention to.

There is a list of all parts for a gaming PC.

A Gaming-PC includes some important components:

A gaming PC won’t work without these parts. There are things like a monitor and peripherals, but you often already have them at home.

It is cheaper to build your own computer than it is to buy one. If you research the PC components, buy them and assemble them yourself, you can save 30% on costs.

Let’s look at each component individually to find out what’s important.

CPU (Processor)

The choice of mainboard is dependent on the choice of a good gaming processor. The central processing unit of a PC is the CPU. The processor is the second most important performance component.

Each type of CPU has a specific sockets name such as AM4, AM5 or LGA 1700. The same sockets are required for your chosen mainboard to work.

The first step is usually choosing new parts for your gaming PC. Choose a compatible mainboard and check the sockets.


Right away, you should choose an associated cooler since you’re on the CPU. Many of the CPUs don’t come with a standard cooler. If the cooler is included, read the description carefully.

The included boxed coolers are weak and loud, which is why we recommend that you take a closer look at the best AIO water coolers. You have to decide if you want air cooling or water cooling at this point.

The cheap models are much better than the factory coolers.


Make sure the cooler you choose is compatible with your computer. If you want an Intel processor with the LGA 1700 sockets, then you need a cooler for the i5 12 600K.


The mainboard is an important part of your gaming PC.

You have to use a certain mainboard when you use your chosen CPU. It makes sense to pick it after.

If you don’t have a mainboard with the same sockets, you won’t be able to install the processor.

You have to think about the size of the mainboard. Next step is how big your case should be.

You can ride well if you use the ATX or mATX form factor.

You need to think about which ports and functions you need on your mainboard. It’s best to look at our buying advice for general purchase recommendations.

Buying advice and the best gaming mainboards are included.

The AM4 is the best one.

It’s the best Intel board.

The Z690 is the best.

You can spend a lot of money here, but you don’t need to plan much more than 100 for the mainboard. Everything about this is for people with special requests.

If you buy cheap models, you’ll lose out on functions and quality.


Pick the case for your PC. The case is not important compared to other PC parts, so you can save a lot of money here. There are cheap models with a good package.

The size of the mainboard affects how big your case should be. If you don’t believe it, read the article that explains the differences in sizes.

Make sure that’s correct.

The case form factor should have enough space for your mainboard and components.

There is enough space for your case in the installation location of your PC.

It is easier to build in an ATX case here, so I recommend it.

If your case has enough good case fans, the airflow is ideal.

Find out how many case fans are ideal.

Check out our review of good gaming PC cases.

Graphic Card

In terms of performance, the graphics card is the most important component. You need to reserve the most budget for this.

I recommend you install a dedicated graphics card even if you can play with an integrated graphics card. You are able to upgrade in the future.

If you don’t know what to look for, then look at our overview of the most important graphics card manufacturers.

In our current ranking, you can find out which graphics card you need the most. There is a list of the fastest graphics cards and a description of the levels you can achieve with each model.

Memory (RAM)

The short term memory of your gaming PC is called RAM. The impact on your gaming performance is low, but memory still plays a central role.

The mainboard usually has four slots for RAM. There are various capacities of RAM, starting at 4 gigabytes and up to 64 gigabytes per module.

There are some things to consider.

You’ll have to choose between the two. It’s not worth it yet.

Make sure that your mainboard is compatible with your RAM.

If you want to avoid mixing RAM, buy a kit with two modules from the same manufacturer.

You’re well prepared for gaming if you have at least 16 gigabytes of RAM.

If you want to buy the best gaming memory for your new PC, take a look at our buying guide.

Power supply

Too little money is often spent on the power supply of the PC.

The power supply for your gaming PC is tailored to the power consumption of your components.

You can find out how much power you need on our power supply calculator. If you pop your parts in there, a wattage is recommended. You choose the power supply’s wattage.

Don’t buy a power supply that is too weak.

You’ll find recommendations for all wattage ranges and budget classes after you check out our test of PC power supplies.

You should consider whether you want a modular or semi modular power supply.

I recommend you get a power supply with an 80 Plus silver better still gold certification.

If you have a small ITX case, you should buy a normal ATX power supply.

Watch out!

Don’t skimp on the power supply and spend more money on it. You run the risk of ruining your PC and starting a fire if you don’t do so.

Lot of Memory

Paris, France – Close-up macro shot of array of fast NVME ssd computer disk with focus on the new Samsung 970 EVO V-nand SSD

If you don’t have a data storage device, you can’t install an operating system or games.

There are three main types of storage:

  • old fashioned hard drives.
  • SSDs
  • Solid state drives called NVMe.

The main difference between the three is speed.

The best gaming hard drives are slow compared to good SSDs and snail speed mode compared to the best M.2 SSDs.

If you need a lot of storage space, I only recommend an HDD. A combination of M.2 and SATA is more recommended.

Make sure your mainboard has an M.2 slot. Most modern mainboards now have this.

Other things you need for a gaming PC.

Everything that you need in terms of hardware for your gaming PC would be taken care of with that. A fully functional computer can be built with the above components.

We can close the case and see what else is needed.

Operating system

You’ll need to install an operating system on your PC. The best choices are Windows 10 and 11.

optical drives are no longer a thing of the past. You can either download the operating system yourself or buy it ready made.


You need a monitor to be able to play games. Good 144 hertz monitors are most common for gaming, and they come in all kinds of sizes, colors, resolutions, aspect ratios and so on. It would break the article.

You can find more information on the monitor overview page.

Other peripherals are not included.