What should you pay attention to when buying a gaming keyboard?

Any PC setup must include the gaming keyboard. It can choose between winning and losing if there is any doubt. You can learn more about a gaming keyboard’s requirements and what to look for when purchasing one in this article.

1. Ergonomics

Your constant companion is the gaming keyboard. You should choose a copy that guarantees the best use for you. There shouldn’t be any uncomfortable pressure points, and your hands should always hold a healthier posture throughout longer gaming sessions. You can do this with the aid of a wrist rest.

Another crucial factor is the keyboard’s layout. There are typically 105 keys on a typical keyboard, which is obviously very large. There are also smaller models, though. For instance, there is no numeric keypad on a TKL keyboard. Even smaller keyboards are now devoid of arrow keys. You have a lot more desk space and more mouse hand freedom thanks to the limited edition design. If you enjoy playing shooters with low mouse sensitivity, this can be especially advantageous.

2. Longevity

Typically, high-quality gaming keyboards are not inexpensive. If you had to purchase a new one each year, that would be unfortunate. You should use materials of the highest quality if you want to guarantee a long lifespan. In addition to being more robust than plastic cases, metal cases are also more steady on the desk due to their weight.

The individual keys are where a defect is most likely to occur. It’s best to put up with as many keystrokes as you can. The lifespan is several hundred million strokes, depending on the model. For a few years, this is typically sufficient.

3. Key mechanism

The gaming keyboard’s sensation is determined by the key mechanics. Some of them have mechanical keys, while others have rubberdome keys. Rubberdome buttons are less expensive to purchase but last less time. Under the keycap, there is a silicone/ rubber buffer that deteriorates over time and may eventually result in lower resistance and inaccurate inputs.

As their name implies, mechanical keys have a unique release mechanism that ensures longer service life and better accuracy. This does come at a cost, though. The price of mechanical keyboards is significantly higher. Different types of keys are distinguished by mechanical keyboards:

Clicky switches: The switches on some keyboards can be changed in a few easy steps.

Linear buttons: When you press the button, there is no resistance or feedback. The keyboard path is consistent and easy for them. For gamers who prefer silent keystrokes, this switch is best.

Tactile switches: When the button is pressed, tactile feedback and a small amount of resistance are produced by tactile key switches. As a result, the user can precisely control the button and better understand where it is triggered. Gamers who want haptic feedback should use this kind of switch.

When the button is pressed, clicky switches make a clicking noise and have higher resistance. Gamers who want both haptic and audible typing feedback should use this kind of switch.

Additionally, there are hybrid switches, which combine clicky, tactile, and linear switches. It is impossible to determine the ideal button type in general. To determine which switch type best suits your needs, it is best to experiment with various types.

4. Additional Features

There are many features on gaming keyboards that can enhance the gaming experience. N-key rollover keyboards, which enable the simultaneous pressing of multiple keys, are useful. The product description should also state that it is 100% anti-ghosting to prevent confusion or blockages.

Keys that can be individually programmed are also very helpful. You can use this to customize the keyboard layout for your needs. You can even set and save specific actions that are carried out when you press a button when using the macro function in conjunction with it.

Media keys can be profitable outside of gaming. Special keys, for instance, that you can use to pause playback or change the volume. Even a small display for all kinds of information can be found on some models. Whether you actually need it will be up to each individual.


5. The connection

Is there a wireless or cable connection between the keyboard and the computer? This concerns both comfort and response time in addition to comfort. Nowadays, good wifi keyboards have such low latency that gaming is possible without any issues.

This, however, is always based on the specific connection model and type. Use a wired gaming keyboard if you want to be safer. They typically receive points with a quick response. Of course, a wireless keyboard also provides more mobility.

6. Lighting

In order for the keys to be comfortably recognized especially in dimly lit spaces, backlighting is crucial. Here, the color has a rather minor role. There are still many customization options available today because many people also view lighting as an optical feature. In some circumstances, you can customize each button’s lighting to your preferences. It’s also possible to sync with other glowing components. Ideal for those seeking a vibrant gaming environment.


As you can see, there are numerous considerations when purchasing a gaming keyboard. Only a few points can be recommended in general. You ultimately decide which factors are most crucial to you and what you can live without.

A less expensive model with rubberdome buttons is typically sufficient to enter the gaming world. However, you should choose a mechanical keyboard if you want one that is as long-lasting and comfortable to use as possible. An N-key rollover with anti-ghosting functionality is advised for games that require you to input a lot of information quickly. A gaming keyboard with a macro function is beneficial for fans of MMOs. A compact layout with fewer keys might also be an option for ambitious shooters.

Finding a gaming keyboard that meets all of your needs is now all that is left to do. You can purchase a variety of models at ALTERNATE. Regardless of whether the keyboard is a high-end model with many extra features or an affordable